Wine Tasting — The People’s Choices

We served 5 wines last night at “On the Vine” wine club hosted by yours truly. First, we had a blast. By “we,” I mean me and about 55 friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Here are the wines and food pairings I chose to represent 5 courses–each with its own wine.

  1. Salvatore Principe Prosecco 2009 served with grilled pineapple and watermelon. (Yes, I grilled the watermelon and about which I had many questions.) Tasters liked this prosecco with its pear and apple notes. It is very yellow in color and light to the palette.
  2. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2009 served with cucumber and shrimp bites. While a few tasters really liked this wine, it was the least consumed of all the offerings. Notes of mango, lime and herbs.
  3. Molly Dooker “The Boxer” Shiraz 2008 (New Zeeland) served with italian sausage and potato bites (both grilled). This wine made its debut in North Dakota and is ranked 91 points by Wine Spectator. It has a lovely balance of plum, blueberry, lavender, and yes, even a little smoky bacon.  
  4. Molly Dooker “The Maitre D'” 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon served with brie and Maytag blue cheeses–dressed with craisins and star fruit. Also making its ND debut, with dark berry, violets, root beer, and wood smoke. This wine was also a favorite of the group. Folks who love big red wines were in “hog heaven” comparing it with the Shiraz. Personally, I think the Shiraz won.
  5. Frisk Prickly Riesling-Muscat 2009 served with palmieres and strawberries.Now don’t go turning your nose up at a Riesling. Read on. It is light and minerally and spritzy. Both sweet and spicy. Tasters thought it was magic paired with the strawberries and palmieres.

Pulling corks can be a daunting task for a tasting this size. But in the new trend, all of these wines were screw top except for the prosecco, which was a traditional wired cork used on champagne.

Credit where credit is due: We are so grateful to Captain Jacks Liquorland (Tom Sitter) who supplies the wines for our group and worked with me to pair a great wine with the food I’d chosen. Also, Chad Bartz of Ed Phillips and Sons delivered the wine and came early to help get them ready.

Author: Bonnie Larson Staiger

Winner 'Voices of the Plains and Prairies Poetry Award' by NDSU Press. My chapbook, 'Destiny Manifested' is scheduled for release Nov 4, 2018. Fascinated with the fusion of the written word on the printed page. On my blog, North Dakota Roots, I share poetry and observations about life.

4 thoughts on “Wine Tasting — The People’s Choices”

  1. I love to read about wine and food pairings. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing. Vicky S.

  2. The wine was very nice (especially the Shiraz and Cab), the food pairings complementary, and the guests friendly and inviting. Thank you for a very nice evening.

  3. It was a great experience. Thank you for the suggested pairings. Good choices, good tastes.
    You , once again, excelled as a hostess. Thanks so much.

  4. Bonnie, it sounds delicious! You are so talented in the kitchen. I’ve added your blog to my favorites that are checked daily. Thank you for sharing!

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