Gentle Readers: I’m “reblogging” this remarkable poem by my longtime friend and consummate composer, Greg Nelson. He writes words about something I’ve failed to capture. He speaks for me in my silence.     ~Bonnie

Greg Nelson's Window

In the fields of civic rabble

War has broken friendship ties

Truth, whose truth, the whipping question

Battles rage for cause and rights

Individuation mounting

Hating clouds form hanging rope

Mortal wisdom, helpless midwife

Birthing yet more stillborn hope

Children mimic spurious notions

Faulty syllogistic ruse

Change becomes a weakened whimper

Now let’s see what Love can do

Souls from towers, backwood hollers

Many poised to swing the sword

Some use angry poet’s skill with

Wounding demonizing words

Tightly holding to perfection

Ancient bane to what is good

Will we ever come together

Know respect that’s understood

See how tribalist increasing

Separate us more and more

How does one restore a oneness

Never truly there before

Eloquence and worlds of insight

Cannot change the resolute

Attitudes the only locksmith

Now let’s see what Love can do

Now let’s see what Love can do

A poem by Greg Nelson

Poppie’s Hallel…

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Author: Bonnie Larson Staiger

Published and persistent poet. Frequent hermit. Fascinated with the fusion of the written word on the printed page. Writing is an extension of who I am. On my blog, North Dakota Roots, I share some poetry and some observations about life.

2 thoughts on “WHAT LOVE CAN DO”

  1. Fitting that I received this on New Year’s morning. Thanks you, Muse Bonnie – and Greg. Yes, he captures our times. Wishing you a year of many hopes and perpetual love.
    Katherine (Kathie)

  2. We can’t fall into despair. As the poet W.H. Auden once wrote on the eve of World War II, we must love one another or die. I choose love. Are you with me? Say this with me: We choose love. We choose love. We choose love.”

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