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View from up here (46.9 N Latitude). Poetry, musings, and events. Come on in!

Reading in honor of ND as 20th state to ratify the 19th Amendment – giving women the right to vote

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall 2022: watch for more classes in my No Fear Poetry series — for those who want to simply enjoy and learn more about what makes poems sing, what good poems offer readers and for those who might want to write. Another class will study one of the world’s greatest poets, Emily Dickinson. Both will be offered through OLLI at Bismarck State College (details and how to register forthcoming later this summer)

    Interested in having me as a featured reader, book club, or workshop presenter? Contact info below.

From the time we studied word origins in school, I’ve been fascinated with puzzling words together and the fusion of words on the printed page—their mouth-feel, their musicality, and the magic that can be created within the frame of white space. Poetry seems the perfect art form to bring it all together.

Growing up in western North Dakota, I feel deeply connected to our history, the poignant subtleties and often harsh life on the high plains and short grass prairies. Those ties to peoples, landscape, and the realities of our changing cultures and economies that make up the “New American West” creep inexorably into my writing.

Most poets hope their work carries a universal thread of humanity to readers. My goal is to speak to that shared core within others who may or may not call this place home and to show this region as much more than fly-over country. This is the heart of a continent.

My first chapbook, Destiny Manifested, was awarded the “Poetry of the Plains and Prairies Prize” by North Dakota State University (NDSU) Press and the “Independent Press Award: Distinguished Favorite.” My second book, In Plains Sight, a full collection (also available from NDSU Press) was nominated for the PEN America Literary Award in Poetry and received the Silver Medal from the Midwest Independent Publishers Award. Both are available from Amazon and the online store: NDSU Press/Shop Now You can also find them on Goodreads.


Most of all, I love living on the edge of the Badlands. Here, life is like the oil production of sweet crude nearly – both sweet and crude. More on that in my books.


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  1. Hi, Feels nice to see that I’m not alone in the world. Love your work.

    1. Thanks, Mac. From now on, I’ll wave whenever I pass the Buffalo Alice exit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bonnie…Simply put…..I love how you think…..❤️

  3. robert okaji says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Bonnie. Much appreciated.

  4. I like your place. I will definitely read the other posts. Thanks

  5. Eusebia says:

    Your writing enables me to contemplate a little bit more. I cherished every individual element of this post.
    I appreciate it -Sheena

  6. Seems like you truly understand plenty related to this specific topic and it all exhibits by means of this blog, called “North Dakota Roots | A view from up here (46.9 N Latitude). Musings, observations, and poetry.”
    Thank you -Sterling

  7. Anonymous says:

    As much of a diehard New Yorker as I am, my vacations in North Dakota mark some of the highlights of my life. Hard to explain the sight of never-ending wheat fields (as opposed to skyscrapers or ocean), or a real-life pow wow, or a buffalo crossing your path in the Badlands……

    1. Some of the highlights of my life have been sharing this place with a dear friend and diehard New Yorker. We’ll leave the light on for you.

  8. California Cuzin' says:

    I thought I’d stop by and catch up on the latest northern plains musings.

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