Bonnie Larson Staiger

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I learned more about how to enjoy and appreciate poetry in an evening with Bonnie at our book club than I have in any class I’ve ever taken.

Off the Shelf Book Club member

WOW! Bonnie’s book is a real page-turner. I didn’t know that was possible for a book of poetry.

A Surprised Reader

Bonnie Larson Staiger’s poetry reading was absolutely beautiful. I felt like I entered her brain. I am not a big poetry reader, but something about her poems really attracted me. I think it was the simplicity, or maybe it was the way she wrote about North Dakota. I have never been to a poetry reading before and I was surprised that I did not want it to end. There was a connection between her and the audience.

A Student in Masterpieces of American Lit
Dickinson State University

When I read poetry by my friend, Bonnie, I’m reminded that she is an artist. Some of our past conversations, however, point to her broad knowledge of ND history and her deep understanding of the human soul. Most certainly I need this reminder to put intellect aside long enough to encounter nature. Not to think about nature, but to be with it and experience nature without analyzing it. Furthermore, I’m convinced that Bonnie has met the people who show up in her poetry, so I ask myself: Is she a time-traveling historian or a poet or a spiritual writer?  (Excerpt from an introduction to public reading)

Dorothy Renner
Instructor of Psychology, DSU
Heart River Writer’s Circle

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