Bonnie Larson Staiger

View from up here (46.9 N Latitude). Poetry, musings, and events. Come on in!

It’s so important for us to see ourselves named and reflected, our experience named and reflected, before we can quite know what it is.
~Ellen Bass

The Poet Sisters on Retreat

This post by Lynne Jensen Lampe (link below) deftly reminds us of the importance of a community of trusted readers in the life of a poet/writer. These people can appear by chance or in surprising ways . . . although I believe the universe conspires to make it happen. Each of these women brings her own perspective and experience to “the work” and comments offered. Collectively, the range of input is varied, sometimes challenging, but it is always respectful and supportive. Tip: most often we study and comment on each poem before reading the comments of others.

While these intersections can emerge and retreat or evolve in the life of poets/writers, we must always be open to serving the art and those who share this passion along the way. In this case, the recipe and ingredients are working well.

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