Bonnie Larson Staiger

View from up here (46.9 N Latitude). Poetry, musings, and events. Come on in!


Bonnie Larson Staiger, North Dakota Associate Poet Laureate and a ND Humanities Scholar is the recipient of the ‘Poetry of the Plains and Prairies Award’ from North Dakota State University Press (2018), the Independent Press Award: Distinguished Favorite/Category Poetry (2019) for her debut collection, Destiny Manifested. Her second book In Plains Sight from NDSU Press released in 2021.  Her award-winning poems have been included in numerous anthologies, literary journals and publications. She thrives on the Great Plains not far from the Badlands of North Dakota. There she often writes of the poignant subtleties of life on the high plains of the New American West as well as a view of the world observed from that place. Some of the poets she has studied with: Rick Barot, Richard Blanco, Kevin Pilkington, Ross Gay, Ilya Kaminsky, Tom Sleigh, and Kathleen Norris.

Publications & Awards

Collections: In Plains Sight, full collection from NDSU Press, 2021 and nominated for PEN America Literary Award (2022 for poetry collection); Independent Press Award: Distinguished Favorite, 2019 (for Destiny Manifested); Destiny Manifested (chapbook), NDSU Press, Poets of the Plains & Prairies Award, 2018 Individual Poems: Crosswinds Poetry Prize: Unction; Sandy River Review: Straight Shot Between Friends; Crosswinds Poetry Journal: Unction; Open: Journal of Arts & Letters: Elegy for Mary Oliver, Rune’s Requiem, and Second Finding; Persimmon Tree: Litany of Druthers; Straight Forward Poetry: Pear Tree on Highland Acres Road; Plainsongs: Grasslands, Face in Her Phone; Jesse Butler Poetry Contest: The Named and the Nameless; Great Midwest Poetry Contest (Semi-Finalist): Surrendering; Writer-in-Residence, Fairhope Center for Writing Arts; Julia Darling Poetry Prize: Grasslands; Poetic License Press UNSEEN Anthology: It’s All the Rage; Prairie Fire, Memory Care; Sanskrit Literary Arts Magazine, She Sent the Wave, Displacement Postponed, Clouds on Parade, Edge of Dismantling; Flying South Contest– Winston-Salem Writers: Pendulum of Ordinary Time; Montana Mouthful: For Danny and Stars’ Gazing; Poeming Pigeon COSMOS Anthology: Clouds on Parade; North Dakota Quarterly, When the Water Recedes, Still, Don’t Frighten the Horses, and Hummingbird in My Hollyhocks; Evening Street Review: The Rabbit; The MacGuffin: Force of Nature, Coyote Comes Calling, and Mistress of Millennia; Pendora Magazine: Dear Kate; Pasque Petals: Meadow for Monarchs, May Basket, Chrysalis, You Never Get Used to the Wind, Yellow on the Willow, Seasons on the Plains, Dandy Lion; The Daily Palette University of Iowa, Stressed – Unstressed; Parkinson Foundation Report: My Father’s Hands; Woven on the Wind, Cycles; Where the  Heart Resides: Timeless Wisdom of the American Prairie: A Sense of Place; Leaning Into the Wind: A Sense of Place and Varmint Eradication
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