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Gentle Reader: Fair warning: this subject has been brewing for a long time. It is short but not so sweet.

To the acquaintance at a small gathering of friends: How dare you preach at me about one political party’s lack of respect and mean-spirited attacks against yours. Does your moral superiority permit you to pour vitriol on me? Does it occur to you that you have just demonstrated what you rail against?

Respect? Apparently you have no respect for me and now I’ve lost what I might have had for you.

The old rule “Never discuss religion and politics in polite conversation” is not practiced by many who claim to be –but are neither polite nor enlightened. What a price to pay for being entitled to vent their spleen at the expense of others.

Now what was I doing again?

One thought on “Politics and Religion Today

  1. Joan Von rueden says:

    Bonnie-Read with interest your latest post! You are certainly mastering your expressions and feelings with wonderful prose! Thanks for posting!

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